Chennai Traditional Wedding – what is it like?

India is rich in their customs and traditions. Especially in Chennai Tamil Nadu is leading in that. Read about Chennai traditional wedding and old Chennai Tamil Nadu wedding traditions, which you didn’t know before.

The holidays play an important role for everyone’s life, especially the traditional ways of celebration. During the centuries the Chennai have been developing their traditions and holding up them. The wedding was an important holiday for all and it will be an important day. The wedding is a special day for every couple, as it is a new step in their love story. Today the wedding celebration is associated with splendour, loveliness, gold bright colours and sophisticated decorations.

gorgeous day have to stay in our memories forever. The wedding photographer will capture emotions and details of your wedding. Your friends will be jealous, looking at shots. There are many courses of traditional wedding, Couples should always eat and wear the special items. The couple sits always at the head of the party hall and they listens to the congratulations. The guests give their presents. Everybody has fun this day. Such traditions, celebration can continue at least two days, sometimes even the whole week. Yes, Tamil Nadu Chennai are a hell of festivity.

Traditional Wedding – what is it like?

As the Chennai Tamil Nadu is a religious state with great religious past, the wedding ceremony in the Temple or Church is a must for a couple. It is considered, that the wedding ceremony is confirmation of the marriage in the sight of God. The special silk & Cotton fabric is the favourite dress are main traditions for the wedding couples. It is one of the main elements of the wedding, as it is the symbol of strong marriage. Chennai, Tamil Nadu peoples believe that the silk & Cotton fabrics make the marriage indissoluble forever. They hold up all wedding ceremony traditions and follow them.

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